2019-06−29 Sat Rainy

I couldn't wake up late.

It's noisy this morning.

My condo has an annual cleaning of scupper.

The special car for the cleaning was making terrible noise.

It's inevitable.

I went to Gusto to evacuate from the noise with new Surface Go.

I ordered a morning set.

It's lovely, I like it.

I've been to Gusto thousands of thousands times but it's first time to have a morning set.

I had coding after the break first.

I bumped a bug because of IE.

It's good symptom to introduce Windows PC.

After a while, I felt uncomfortable for the keyboard.

Because it doesn't have a control key on right hand side.

My little finger of left hand a bit pain.

My friend said, he never allow a laptop that has no control key on right hand side.

I have remembered his saying.

That's exactly true.