2019-03-21 Thr, Rain

Spring Equinox Day

I went Download Japan 2019.

I watched Halestorm, Arch Enemy, Anthrax, Slayer.

It was a grace but I saw sum 41 and Judas priest.

I got enough to see Anthrax performance.

This is first time to see Joey Belladonna's live acts.

His performance was perfect.

We hopped to Ueno and get into Hub.

The beer was great.

I had two pints.


2019-03-20 Wed, Fine weather

I had a dinner in Gusto and coding too as usual.

There was busier than usual.

Maybe it's because of graduation season.

I spent 2 hrs for the coding.

I've done 3 todos.

Those todos makes code cleaner.

I was quite satisfied.

By the way, Gusto introduced new coffee machine.

I tried an espresso.

It's nice.

Apple released new AirPods.

They released new products 2 days in row without any launch events.

All products are envy very much.

But they didn't release new Time Capsule and I know it never happens!

2019-03-19 Tue

I had a dinner in a food court at Marui Kitasenju.

I like there because of free WiFi.

After a while four girls took seats next of me.

They were university students.

A girl was searching on her smart phone.

Then suddenly she said "I love Ero-Gei." in a loud voice.

I couldn't stop my curiosity to the group.

2019-03-18 Mon, Fine weather

I had finished to read a book called "Showstopper!".



It's a story about developing Windows NT.

The development was fierce, though people who developed, way to how developed, features what developed and efficient to the world and history,

those everything was unparalleled.

What are important things in the story I found are:

  • Don't hesitate to argue one's opinion.

  • Hire first class developers and don't do them micro management, and trust and privilege them.

  • Never give up.

Innovations never happen without respecting individual characters and transfer enough decision rights, when I was looking back to other innovative companies.

IT is on the way of innovation and I am a person who am in.