2019-07-28 Sun

I went to Ohara capriciously.

I was influenced by targeting AD.

The AD shows me off real estate in Bohso very much.

At first, I have been to Goi.

There is a terminal of Kominato line.

I took the train to the other terminal, Kazusa-Nakano for one hour and more.

The conductor looked very busy but the train was not busy.

I relayed the train to Isumi line to go to Ohara.

After I arrived Ohara, I walked around the station for a while to find out a good restaurant.

I passed girls who wore Yukata because fireworks were held the night.

I got into a bar called Haccho-tei.

It looked typical izakaya but it's not.

I could have western beers and pizza.

The pizza was crispy, nice.

I took Sotoboh line to get back before too late.

2019-07-26 Fri

I went Ningen-isu live tonight.


This was first time to see their performance.

They are three pieces band.

So we can listen their instrumentals sound separately.

That makes me feeling direct raw sound.

But their sound is thick and bold.

The live finished like in minute.

Fun time goes quickly.

2019-06−29 Sat Rainy

I couldn't wake up late.

It's noisy this morning.

My condo has an annual cleaning of scupper.

The special car for the cleaning was making terrible noise.

It's inevitable.

I went to Gusto to evacuate from the noise with new Surface Go.

I ordered a morning set.

It's lovely, I like it.

I've been to Gusto thousands of thousands times but it's first time to have a morning set.

I had coding after the break first.

I bumped a bug because of IE.

It's good symptom to introduce Windows PC.

After a while, I felt uncomfortable for the keyboard.

Because it doesn't have a control key on right hand side.

My little finger of left hand a bit pain.

My friend said, he never allow a laptop that has no control key on right hand side.

I have remembered his saying.

That's exactly true.