2019-03-24 Sun

I went English conversation meeting. We went lunch to Kashiwaya after the meeting. It's traditional soba-ya. They have many menus. My hay fever was the most terrible today. It's tough.

2019-03-23 Sat

I went a clinic to take another medicine for hay fever. I hope it works well.

2019-03-22 Fri, Rainy

I watched Tonde-Saitama. It's stupid comedy about my living prefecture. It's crazy. I got a little raised my love about Saitama.

2019-03-21 Thr, Rain

Spring Equinox Day I went Download Japan 2019. I watched Halestorm, Arch Enemy, Anthrax, Slayer. It was a grace but I saw sum 41 and Judas priest. I got enough to see Anthrax performance. This is first time to see Joey Belladonna's live ac…

2019-03-20 Wed, Fine weather

I had a dinner in Gusto and coding too as usual. There was busier than usual. Maybe it's because of graduation season. I spent 2 hrs for the coding. I've done 3 todos. Those todos makes code cleaner. I was quite satisfied. By the way, Gust…

2019-03-19 Tue

I had a dinner in a food court at Marui Kitasenju. I like there because of free WiFi. After a while four girls took seats next of me. They were university students. A girl was searching on her smart phone. Then suddenly she said "I love Er…

2019-03-18 Mon, Fine weather

I had finished to read a book called "Showstopper!". 闘うプログラマー[新装版]作者: G・パスカル・ザカリー,山岡洋一出版社/メーカー: 日経BP社発売日: 2009/07/23メディア: 単行本購入: 23人 クリック: 203回この商品を含むブログ (64件) を見る It's a…

2019-03-17 Sun, Fine weather

I attended English conversation meeting. The topic is always rumors about somebody. Then I attended Moku-Moku-Kai. It's first time to attend. I could concentrate to my tasks. The space was good enough.

2019-03-15 Fri

I went curry restaurant to have party with ex-colleagues and her friend. I could hear new old story of the owner. I respect him. He is great.

2019-03-14 Thr

I attended technical book reading meeting. The venue was not reserved because of reservation failure.

2019-03-13 Wed

I attended Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming Reading. They opened a wine bottle as usual.

2019-03-12 Tue

I attended an English conversation meeting. The Chinese fried noodles were very oily that I had before that meeting.

2019-03-11 Mon

I had coding in Gusto.

2019-03-10 Sun, Fine weather

Me and my nephew had kick-ball on my balcony. He did kick-ball well. Child grows quickly.

2019-03-09 Sat, Fine weather

I assembled a small PC. It works perfect. In the beginning, I supposed it's broken because display signal won't be detected by display. I changed HDMI cable to VGA cable. Then the signal was detected.

2019-03-08 Fri, Cloudy

I had coding in Gusto. They introduced new menus. I'd like to try something new dishes.

2019-03-07 Thr, Rainy

I went Sekai no Yama-chan. Tebasaki is nice.


59分割ヤバイ|深津 貴之 (fladdict)|note CheatSheetSeries/Index.md at master · OWASP/CheatSheetSeries · GitHub 【翻訳】徹底解説! PHP のセッション - Qiita

2019-03-06 Wed, Cloudy

I had coding in Gusto.

2019-03-05 Tue, Cloudy

I attended English conversation meeting. Then we hopped to a bar.

2019-03-04 Mon, Rain

I had researched to how to upgrade certification in Gusto.

2019-03-03 Sun, Rain

I went English conversation meeting. I gave a hot source for her birthday present.

2019-03-01 Fri, Cloudy

I visited Yodobashi Akihabara. I checked new toy. It looks a laptop. I thought it's good for my nephew, good for computer eduction. But It seems difficult for him as I touched it. It's should be first to learn Alphabets before touching com…

2019-02-28 Thr, Rainy

I went meet up for reading Advanced SQL Programming. We went drinking after the meeting. My friend wrote an article for a measure magazine. It's great.

2019-02-27 Wed, Rainy

I went reading meeting for: Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming. He opened a bottle again.


Hay fever 2019-02-26 Begin 2019-03-06 Got worse

2019-02-26 Tue, Cloudy

I attended to English conversation, then We visited a bar. I disclosed private stories. Nobody can keep secrets on talking with her.

2019-02-25 Mon

I had coding at Gusto.

2019-02-24 Sun

I went the smallest comedy theater in Asakusa.

2019-02-22 Fri

I went Vietnamese restaurant in Ebisu. The restaurant has big building that is bigger than I imagined. We enjoyed their dishes and drinks. Kids go round on the floor with balloons.