2019-07-28 Sun

I went to Ohara capriciously. I was influenced by targeting AD. The AD shows me off real estate in Bohso very much. At first, I have been to Goi. There is a terminal of Kominato line. I took the train to the other terminal, Kazusa-Nakano f…

2019-07-26 Fri

I went Ningen-isu live tonight. youtu.be This was first time to see their performance. They are three pieces band. So we can listen their instrumentals sound separately. That makes me feeling direct raw sound. But their sound is thick and …

2019-07-12 Fri

I participated a technology book reading meeting. We got started to read new book. Many participants were gathered because the book was popular. The discussion went in good mood.

2019-07-10 Wed

I participated an English conversation session. The day of week was not a day that I joined usually. It was fresh and fun.

2019-07-07 Sat

I participated a drinking party again that was organized English conversation circle. The party was going on to the last train. I took a day off for the party on next day. Because It takes a day to cure. It's a wisdom of elder.

2019-07-06 Sat

I participated a drinking party that was organized my Facebook friend. His network is universal wide. It's tremendous. The night was fun.

2019-06−29 Sat Rainy

I couldn't wake up late. It's noisy this morning. My condo has an annual cleaning of scupper. The special car for the cleaning was making terrible noise. It's inevitable. I went to Gusto to evacuate from the noise with new Surface Go. I or…

2019-06-21 Fri

I went a movie. But I fell asleep in the middle of movie. Woo, nooo.

2019-06-17 Mon

I participated final Effective SQL reading session. Our session went to wander away from the subject even last session.

2019-06-15 Sat Heavy rain

I went theater play. My friend was playing in the play. His performance seems to be accomplished great level on me.

2019-06-05 Wed

My MacBook Pro run low on battery. It couldn't turn on for 3 hours. The battery stability decreased obviously. I have to carry DC adapter, but It's annoying.

2019-05-29 Wed

I visited Apple Store Ginza to apply keyboard replacement for my MacBook Pro. They published new release about the issue. MacBook、MacBook Air、MacBook Pro キーボード修理プログラム - Apple サポート I believed that they have replaced my key…

2019-05-27 Mon

A guy had come for trial English conversation session. He can develop audio system by himself. He loves listening music by the audio. That's very good hobby. I envy him.

2019-05-26 Sun

I visited a coffee shop in Kitasenju. The coffee shop is traditional and classic. They served tiny jelly with a cup of coffee. That was a little sour and breeziness.

2019-05-27 Sat

Today was hot like summer. I got start to rewrite my JS library again. I don't remember how much I had rewritten. I'll make it FINIIIIISH!

2019-05-20 Mon

I attended Effective SQL reading session. You can use range conditions like: min <= value and value <= max in join clause. It's seems to useful in case that you would like to put ranks in clear ranges. In the case, you need to prepare a ta…

2019-05-19 Sun

I visited BUoY Caffe after English conversation session. I found a burger shop near by the caffe. I'd like to visit the burger shop in future.

2019-05-18 Sat

A sales person described me their cable tv service options. The price was attractive but they didn't have static IP address option. They should have the option.

2019-05-12 Sun

I participated English chat sessions. I had lunch with some members after the session. After the lunch, I visited a coffee shop. The customers of the coffee shop was distinct. Some guys open their laptop, or some person crafts something. T…

2019-05-11 Sat

My friend called me to drink with his friends. Topic of the meeting was why he wants to eat dojo. Talk about it was completely messy but no conclusions. But the diner was the best.

2019-05-09 Thr

I participated Effective SQL readings. After the reading, we hopped to an izakaya. We had oysters. You will get sick if you had oysters ten and more over, a waitress said. That's a wisdom.

2019-05-07 Tue

I had coding at Gusto. They had begun clearance. They wiped feet of chairs by a cloth. It looks over cleaning.

2019-05-04 Sat

I met a friend in Kitasenju for drinking. I asked him the story about his new life. I drunk too much because of the happy story.

2019-05-03 Fri

I had coding at home all day long. The breadcrumb in Jayjay was getting better looking.


I participated in a coding session at Akihabara. I could have some progress about my project. On the other hand, I shouldn't hesitate to talk with other guys and show my achievements. I surprised many oversea people walking in Akihabara th…

2019-05-01 Wed

New emperor era began. I got started to subscribe Apple Music. AirPods and Apple Music are perfect match. It's addictive.

2019-04-30 Tue

I had Yakiniku with my brother's family. I surprised growth of nephew in a short term. He loves iPad and watching YouTube. He is mad about LEGO and vehicle toys. My fried went trip to meet he and her parents in these holidays. The trip see…

2019-04-29 Mon

I went a BBQ. I could talk with many people and have a lots of beer. Thanks for all.

2019-04-28 Sun

I had drinking party. Farewell for a teacher. The teacher has a friend like sister. They are chatty and happy. Their story is always fun. I hope her new life to be happy.

2019-04-25 Thr

I went Effective SQL read meeting. The meeting master is writing a book. He said the progress is one third but the dead line is end of this month. I hope he can finish it anyway.